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Relationship Skills Membership Plans

The best way to learn foundational and advanced relationship tools and skill is through our "mini-workshops". A mini-workshop is a short course (90 minutes or less). They can be done anytime from your couch, kitchen table, or bedroom. Each mini-workshop deals with one relationship issue, so you don't get overwhelmed trying to tackle every angle at once. Topics include common challenging issues such as how to revive intimacy, rebuild trust, keep your love alive, resolve conflicts, and many more. We take you by the hand and walk you through a step-by-step process and you learn by practicing as you go. We tell you exactly what to do. Every mini-workshop gives you lasting relationship tools and skills. These are skills and expertise you'd otherwise pay us or a therapist $200-$300 an hour to learn. 

Choose between two subscription plans: Basic and Advanced. The Basic Plan gives you three essential starting skills mini workshop. The Advanced Plan gives you access to all our mini-workshops, plus a host of other benefits. More below.

Basic Plan

Essential Relationship Skills

basic plan



Advanced Plan

Unlimited Access to all our tools and skill-building mini-workshops

What you get: 

  • Basic Plan Mini-Workshop.

  • Unlimited access to ALL our advanced mini-workshops.

  • Free tickets to all new live mini-workshops where you interact with Sonika & Christian (otherwise $60).

  • PDF companion handbooks for all mini-workshops.

  • 50% off your first coaching session