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About LoveWorks Solution

Welcome to The LoveWorks Solution!


Have you ever been in a relationship that started out great and later went downhill?


Most of us have been through the journey of falling in love, building a relationship, and then later, without meaning to, losing sight of the love we shared.


The joy, intimacy and passion that catapulted us into sweet deep partnership during the honeymoon stage disappear. Instead of laughing, gazing into each other’s eyes, talking for hours, making wild passionate love and going out on fun adventures together, we get caught up in the logistics and screens of life and end up feeling lonely, bored, pissed off, and disconnected from each other.


But that doesn't have to be your path! At LoveWorks, we have created a body of work that is light-hearted and effective in creating and maintaining deeply intimate, connected relationships. Through our private coaching and workshops, we have supported thousands of couples and singles through every stage of relationship. See more about our approach below.

Meet Sonika and Christian here ...

How to fix a broken relationship. Rebuild trust.

Our Approach

The LoveWorks Solution offers a light-hearted proven path to help you successfully rebuild broken relationships! At LoveWorks, you learn how to fall in love again, deepen your intimate connection, resolve conflicts quickly, rekindle your chemistry spark, and work together as loving partners to co-create your ideal relationship.


Our approach will not only dramatically improve your intimate relationship, but will also positively impact your relationships with children, family, friends, ex’s and co-workers. Successful relationships are all about having the right tools and skills for communication, intimacy, and conflict resolution.

The LoveWorks Solution is a practical approach. The best relationship expertise in the world will only help you if you can use it! Our clients and students often appreciate that we take complex relationships issues and dynamics and make them simple and accessible.


LoveWorks welcomes people of all ages (over 18), genders, races, beliefs, identifications, affiliations, and relationship configurations.

Relationship help for both couples and singles

How To Engage With Us

Another unique aspect of LoveWorks is that we include both couples and singles in our workshops and programs. You can attend with a partner or come by yourself, and you can attend whether or not you are currently in a relationship. We deliberately include both singles and couples in our courses because they jointly support each other in their relationship work to break up negative patterns, and offer different perspectives.


No matter what your relationship status or situation is, our work will give you a radical new way to approach relationship that will help you in every relationship, to create more of the love, intimacy and good feeling you long for.


The LoveWorks Solution can be accessed through our live experiential weekend trainings, individual or couples coaching, online programs and more.


During Covid times, we have developed short, topic specific workshop for Couples and Singles.


Our most popular place to start is our Level One Give Yourself to Love Weekend for couples and singles. This weekend is a requirement for accessing the higher levels of weekend trainings. Learn more about Level 1 here.

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