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Commitment is a crucial element of relationships and all areas of your life. But how can you tell if you’re committed in your relationship? How can you tell if your partner is?

When there’s a lack of commitment, you might experience it in all or some of these ways:


  • You feel anxious. It’s a feeling you can’t quite escape. Like you can’t completely relax into the safety of your relationship.
  • Your mind is spinning with questions, constantly trying to figure out why you or your partner can’t commit. Is it not the right relationship? Does s/he not care about you? Do you have serious commitment issues and you’ll never be able to commit to anyone? Is there something wrong with you or your partner? Should you just move on? Are you wasting your time?
  • You argue with your partner. Maybe you accuse each other directly of not committing, maybe it’s unspoken. Either way, you’re not totally there for each other, perhaps making other people or hobbies a lot more important than your relationship.
  • You can’t make decisions about your future; you’re stagnating. Because you’re not sure about the status of your relationship, you hesitate making decisions about your career, where to live, whether to get married or have kids.

Note, challenges around commitment don’t just show up in relationship. Maybe you can’t commit to your job, or to pursuing a goal you have.

Any of these scenarios can add to your anxiety and sense of unsettledness. In your attempts to get your partner or yourself to finally make a decision, you inadvertently create more fights and uncertainty, and it becomes a bad spiral.

You can gain clarity about commitment.

To get out of the “head spinning”, you need a structured and non-judgmental way to explore commitment issues. You need a way to calm your anxiety so you can keep on living peacefully no matter what you decide about your future or any given relationship. That’s what this mini-workshop will help you do.

You can do the mini-workshop with a partner or by yourself. In one sitting (90 min. or less), or in smaller chunks, as you please.
In this mini-workshop, you will learn a structured process with practical exercises to help you look at commitment in a new way.
You'll learn how to:


  • Explore what commitment means to you
  • Discover what stands in the way of commitment
  • Find peace around your commitment
  • Make informed choices to commit or not
  • Realize you are already committed!
  • Get clear about your unconscious commitments
  • Talk to your partner about commitment
  • Use tools for any commitment challenge you have (about your job, your dreams, etc.)

To Commit Or Not To Commit Mini-Workshop Video Course

  • Once you purchase the mini-workshop, you'll be sent an email with a  link to the workshop video and your handbook. You can do the mini-workshop in one sitting (90 minutes or less), or break it up in smaller bits. You can come back to the video as many times as you like.

    You can always reach out to us with questions or to get further relationship support:

    Enjoy your course!

    ❤️ Sonika & Christian,

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