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Are you tired of the dating scene? Sick of superficial interactions?


You probably already know this. The dating scene is hard!


You meet someone, but you don’t really see each other. You talk and reach out, but you don’t feel connected. The future of your relationship is decided in the first few seconds of meeting. You go through the motions on your date anyway. There is so much judging, impressing, withholding, and evaluating going on that no one is really being with each other and no one is having a good time! You leave feeling more lonely and discouraged than ever.


"When I started this Singles Program, I had been single for several years after my first marriage ended abruptly in betrayal and pain. I felt lonely, sad and so hopeless I wasn't even dating! I thought that with my marriage, my dreams of having a home, family and loving husband had also died. Singles Breakthrough To Love changed all that. I quickly learned to see the magic in life again, to have fun dating, to take risks and create the life I longed for, with or without a partner. Magically, I met the man of my dreams shortly after completing the program. Today we are happily married and parenting his wonderful child together. I'm honestly not sure any of this would have happened if I hadn't learned so much from Loveworks." Jess


Authentic, joyful, intimate relationships cannot be created this way!


Singles! Breakthrough to Love, Breakthrough to Relationship! teaches you an innovative approach to relationship that will free you from the unworkable dating patterns that plague most singles. You will come away from this course living in a relationship mindset that will leave you feeling more fulfilled, confident, and joyous in your interactions with others. Intimacy, authenticity, creation, and delight can become your new norm. From this expanded state of being, you just may surprise yourself by how quickly you attract the relationship of your dreams!


This home study course will teach you:

  • How you keep yourself single without realizing it!
  • How your “What-I-Want List” gets in the way of you being present on dates.
  • Why it isn’t about getting a date, it is about being great at relating!
  • How to intentionally create dates to be intimate, fun, nourishing and fulfilling before they happen.
  • How to avoid killing your new relationship with your need to know if it’s “the one”.
  • How to love being single so you can be happy now.
  • How to be the person you are looking for, and thereby attract your future partner to you.
  • How to complete your previous relationships so you don’t drag them with you into your next relationship.
  • How to discover what you really want in your relationships (it’s not what you think you want).
  • How to replace judgment and disappointment with love, curiosity, and expansion.
  • How to be yourself and end the pretending game.
  • How to use your fears about relationship to fuel a positive relationship experience.
  • How to fill yourself up from the inside out, so you go into dates feeling full, loved, and whole.


The skills you need to create and attract your desired relationship are the same skills you will need when you are in relationship!! Learn them now! 


Singles Breakthrough To Love includes 6 sessions (in 7 audio MP3’s) with cutting-edge, unique relationship training, paired experiential exercises, and a separate PDF workbook with homework assignments and articles. We provide life-transforming relationship practices, practical innovative tools that you can use right away, and radically new ways of approaching dating and relationship, that will help you shift how move in relationship for the rest of your life.

Singles Breakthrough To Love

  • Once you purchase the home study course, you'll be sent an email with a download link. You click the link to download one zip-file that includes all the audios and the workbook. There are six sessions in the course, each being one audio MP3 file (except for Session 1 which is split into two files). The course is designed to do one session per week for six weeks, but you can do it any time you like, in as small increments as you like.

    You can always reach out to us with questions or to get further relationship coaching support:

    Enjoy your course!

    ❤️ Sonika & Christian, Founders

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