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Conflicts will either make or break your relationship. If you know how to navigate the inevitable conflicts that show up, it can bring you together and make your stronger as a couple and as a family. But if you don't, conflicts will keep driving wedges between you.


At LoveWorks, we firmly believe all conflicts can be used to educate and empower yourself. In this eye-opening presentation, we introduce twenty old, unproductive ways to look at conflicts, and twenty new, more effective ways. We then model a sample fight and do it over in a better way.



Loving Conflict

  • Once you purchase the audio presentation, you'll be sent an email with a download link. You click the link to download one zip-file that includes two audio MP3 files.

    You can always reach out to us with questions or to get further relationship support:

    Enjoy your course!

    ❤️ Sonika & Christian, Founders

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