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Must-Know Tools for Loving Relationships.


“I really wish someone would have told me all this years ago!”


Are you feeling stuck in your relationship? Exasperated? Ready to throw in the towel?

Are you fed up with feeling lonely and unfulfilled? Tired of no sex or touch? 

Do you fight a lot? Are you unable to communicate about what really matters anymore?


For many, relationship is a mystery. We didn’t take relationship classes in school. Nobody taught us how to deal with our anger and hurt, or how to communicate our feelings and wants. No wonder we have all struggled in relationship.


I used to struggle too. I have been battered, experienced relationships with no sexual intimacy and passion, have had my share of fights that sent me running out the door and I have experienced divorce and remarriage and the reconfiguring of family.


Now I live the relationship of my dreams. It is easy, fun, sweet, deep. We are in love, deeply passionate, playful and best friends. 


We are able to live love in relationship because of a new paradigm for relating that keeps us focused on bringing out the best in each other. This paradigm, along with specific relationship practices and strategies for successful loving partnership, are all taught in The Heart of Relating.


“K. and I looked forward to each session and each group coaching call. The homework exercises


In this seven-week training program, you will:


  • Quit reinforcing what you don't want and don't like in your relationship
  • Re-connect with the love and beauty of your partner again
  • Questions to ask that will help you live with an open heart and clear eyes
  • Heal and forgive past disappointments and hurts
  • Get unstuck from your judgments of each other; un-box each other
  • Turn complaints and problems into exciting new opportunities
  • Deepen intimacy and strengthen your partnership
  • Create a safe place to be authentically honest and fully expressed
  • Share and listen to each other with sacred respect, curiosity and wonder
  • Use anger, resentment, strong reactions and unresolved issues as opportunities for growth, increased understanding, forgiveness and resolution
  • Discover what to do when “triggered” or in a fight
  • Know your "Love Button"
  • End the war and move cooperatively as partners towards win/wins
  • Deliberately design your relationship vision


The Heart of Relating includes 7 session (in 14 audio MP3’s) with cutting-edge, unique relationship training, paired experiential exercises, and a separate PDF workbook with homework assignments and articles. We provide life-transforming relationship practices, practical innovative tools that you can use right away, and radically new ways of approaching relationship, that will help you shift how move in relationship for the rest of your life.


If you are struggling, lonely, frustrated, and tired, and want to know how to create this sweet experience of love in relationship, or if you are committed to mastering the art of loving relationship, then you will benefit greatly from the skills taught in The Heart of Relating!

Heart of Relating Home Study Course

  • Once you purchase the home study course, you'll be sent an email with a download link. You click the link to download one zip-file that includes all the audios and the workbook. There are seven sessions in the course, and each session is split into two audio MP3 files. The course is designed to do one session per week for seven weeks, but you can do it any time you like, in as small increments as you like.

    You can always reach out to us with questions or to get further relationship support:

    Enjoy your course!

    ❤️ Sonika & Christian, Founders

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