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The Energy Dance

Level 3: Spark and Passion
Keep your relationship alive and sizzling!

Our relationship workshops have been developed from decades of experience working with couples and singles to help them use effective tools for dealing with trust issues with their partners, deepen intimacy, resolve conflict, and for finding life long partners.

The Energy Dance will teach you how to recreate the intimate spark of your love anytime you want; and how to give a woman or man exactly what they need.

Cost: $597 per couple or any two people.
When: Get information
Where: The workshop takes place via Zoom. Which means you can attend the workshop from your couch, kitchen table, or bedroom.

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Ready for a better way to do conflicts?

About Your Facilitators

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Sonika Tinker, MSW, and Christian Pedersen, loving husband-wife team, are Relationship Experts with over 40 years combined experience coaching couples. They are the founders of The LoveWorks Solution, a practical, happy approach to marriage, relationship, intimacy and communication. They are experts at creating a safe space for couples.

Sonika is a Certified NLP Professional, Certified Enneagram Teacher, Certified Mediator and Co-author of Seize Your Opportunities and The Good Divorce. Christian is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Mediator, Mankind Project co-leader in training and author of When You Love Your Woman.

Workshop Details

 The Energy Dance is a weekend training conducted via Zoom, which means you attend from the safe comfort of your home, or from anywhere in the world.

We use a mixture of lecture, individual reflection, paired exercises, and various breakout activities. You do exercises with your partner at home (or from separate locations). If you want to attend by yourself, we invite you to bring a friend to do exercises with you. Or contact us for help with this.

Our work engages your head, heart, and hands. In other words, we employ your logic, reach your heart, and give you practical actions to take. Add to our experiential approach the mastermind consciousness that is available in a group of like-intentioned people, and you are destined to reap the benefits from our multi-dimensional, uplifting learning method.

The Energy Dance Workshop is offered at $597 per couple or any two people.


Why Give Yourself To Love

The Energy Dance In Your Relationship

Learning to master the Energy Dance is essential whether you are in a relationship or not, and whether you're in a straight, gay or bi relationship. Masculine and feminine energies are not equated with male and female bodies. Every person has their own balance.

When two people in relationship lose touch with their respective feminine and masculine forces, the life of the relationship begins to suffer. It begins to "flat-line".

When the masculine backs off from his power and the feminine closes off from her love (and vice versa), the sexual chemistry in relationship dies.   

It's akin to a ballroom dance where no one is leading and no one is following. There is no chemistry, no charge, no invigorating dance. It feels flat and boring and you trip over each other.

When the masculine steps into powerful presence and the feminine meets the masculine with an open loving powerful heart, there is aliveness, movement, deep connection and invigorating energy!  

In other words, it takes two to tango. In real life, who leads and who follows is a constant back-and-forth dance, not pre-assigned by gender.

When a woman feels protected, held, adored and seen by the masculine, she feels safe. She feels safe to relax, soften, and open. This allows her to powerfully surrender, to open her heart and body, to sink into the depth of her love with her partner.  

Similarly, when a man feels respected, appreciated and admired, there is nothing he will not do for his partner. He feels the depth of his protective power and is emboldened to step into deeper presence. He shows up, tends to her and bestows upon her his deep adoration. He energetically holds her with his masculine stance and she is inspired to soften and melt.

How is the Energy Dance in your own relationship? How is the masculine/feminine dynamic between you and your partner?

In relationships, there is often one partner who wants more. More intimacy, more togetherness, more connection. Just as often, the other partner is pulling away, trying to get some space and have more freedom. This creates a push-pull dynamic, where you feel like you either have to pull for everything you want, or you feel pulled on all the time from your partner.

This is the result of an ineffective dance between the masculine and feminine inside yourself, and inside your relationship. When you change this energetic dynamic, you change your relationship!

The Energy Dance Workshop addresses problems like these:


  • You spend a ton of energy fighting to get what you want (the push-pull dynamic, or "power struggles")

  • Even though you might still have a "functional" relationship, where you take care of chores, kids, mortgage, what-not, but there's no life, no sizzle. Sex feels like routine or you don't bother at all.  

  • Your man isn’t fully present and there with you

  • Your woman isn’t open and satisfied no matter what you do

  • Lack of passion and aliveness in your relationship or your own life

  • You're baffled by what men or women really want

  • Feeling unsure of yourself as a man or a woman

  • You don’t feel safe to fully surrender and open

  • You lack the confidence or "umph" to go for what you want in life

  • You talk and process, and talk and process to try and figure out your problems

  • You talk more about sex or connection than you actually HAVE sex or connection

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