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LoveWorks Solution - Help for your troubled relationship.
LoveWorks Solution - Help for your troubled relationship.

         Get the Love and Intimacy you want with the LoveWorks Solution!

We coach couples and singles to fall in love again, resolve conflicts fast, and enjoy deep emotional and physical intimacy. 

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Our Approach

We firmly believe that relationships are meant to be mutually empowering and provide deep emotional and physical intimacy. An intimate relationship, a healthy marriage, is a place where you and your partner support each other to be your very best and together you create a fulfilling partnership. 

Emotional and physical intimacy and effective communication can be learned. We have helped thousands of couples and individuals overcome and transform relationship issues such as having an emotionally unavailable partner, broken trust in the relationship, dwindling emotional and physical intimacy, inability to find agreement, and possibly every other relationship issue you can think of. 

The LoveWorks Solution is a uniquely practical approach to relationship. Over decades of teaching workshops and offering private coaching, we have developed effective tools and processes to resolve conflicts, communicate smoothly, and enjoy deeply intimate, trusting relationships. 

With our approach, every relationship issue becomes an opportunity for your personal growth and the growth of your relationship. Often, all it takes is competent coaching and learning new tools. That’s what the LoveWorks Solution is all about.

Our Services & Programs

Your can get relationship coaching and learn proven relationship tools through private coaching sessions (couples and/or individuals), virtual "mini-workshops", and immersive weekend workshops that take place in person or virtually.



Machen & Laura

Our marriage went in the direction of separation. Then we found LoveWorks and that brought us back to not just the old state, but up, to a whole new place I didn’t even know existed. I’d call it a second honeymoon. Now we know the honeymoon doesn’t have to end, and we have the tools to connect and feel the love.

Meet the Founders/Coaches


Sonika & Christian are the founders and coaches at LoveWorks. They have developed a uniquely practical and positive approach to relationships. A happy alternative to traditional therapy, they teach a profoundly effective system for dealing with conflicts, re-creating your relationship, breathing fire into your sex-life, and freeing you from a painful, stuck relationship experience. They believe very strongly that the process of improving your relationship can be fun, light-hearted and intimate, starting right now!
They've been loving on each other since 2004.

Reach Out

The first step to improvement is reaching out for support! Click the Contact button, call or email  us anytime. There's no cost to an initial conversation and we are always happy to talk to you:-)


PO Box 434
Meadow Vista, CA 95722
Tel: 800-701-7043

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