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Emotional intimacy is about connecting with your beloved, sharing yourself deeply and transparently, really seeing each other, and feeling seen in return.


Many of us have neither the time or the skills to "drop down" and really feel each other. The business of everyday life takes over and we end up feeling empty or lonely even though we live in the same house.


This Quickie Course is a fast infusion of emotional intimacy. You'll be guided through several activities  to help you connect emotionally. You'll get to know your partner in a deeper level, and you'll learn practical tools you can use for the rest of your life.


All in the span of 20 minutes!

How To Increase Emotional Intimacy

  • Once you purchase the Quickie Course, you'll be sent an email with a download link. You click the link to download one zip-file that includes the video and the handbook. The video runs approximately 20 minutes.

    You can always reach out to us with questions or to get further relationship support:

    Enjoy your course!

    ❤️ Sonika & Christian,

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